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Best Car Jack in India

Mostly, people buy car accessories from their nearby shops as it makes them comfortable to buy. Now people are switching towards online platform and they are getting the genuine product with reasonable price there. If you are thinking of buying Best Car Jack in India then you have to read this article fully.
Car Jack is a great helping when it stops working. If your tire got punctured, and there is nobody to your place, you can simply use Car Jack and fir it quickly. It is great equipment and can be easily carry on your car space.

Best Car Jack brands in India

If you are buying car jack it should be of good quality as there is nothing to compromise with the quality of the product. We have seen many people having low quality car jack and it don’t work at the time of need.
Well, you should know how important is car jack if you are alone in a place where no one can reach you easily. Make sure to get the best quality car jack because these things are only used once a while. There are several products in India which provides the best car jack and we have listed them in the best Car Jack to buy in India.

Car Jack Price in India

Once you go through the product you will get the price of the product along with its specifications, features, pros and cons. Our experts have picked the best product for you to give you full satisfaction of buying the product online.

Check out the list of the best Car Jack in India which you can buy quickly:

Top 5 Best Car Jack in India Capacity Price
1- JAGGER Manual scissor car jack for all car
2- GNEY Scissor Jack Floor Lift Car Jacks with Speed Handle
2.5 TON
3- AmazonBasics Steel Jack Stands
4- MERSODA® Car Hydraulic Trolley Jack
5- anvitha DC 12V 450mm Electronic Car Jack for All Cars

Top 5 Best Car Jack in India

1-JAGGER 3 TON Manual scissor car jack
  • Jagger Scissor Jack helps to lift your car quickly.
  • It comes with 80 MM height and can lift upto 340 MM.
  • It contains 1 Scissor jack, 1 spanner 19mm.
  • It is normally used in automobile industry.
  • It is durable and tough and can be installed easily.
Vehicle Service TypeCar
Minimum Height80 Millimetres
2- GNEY Scissor Car Jack
  • GNEY portable Car Jack is easy to use and best for extra lifting.
  • It comes with Heacy Duty metal frame stabilizer.
  • It can lift SUV to minimum 3.5 inches and maximum 13.8 inches.
  • It coems with high quality scissor jack.
Vehicle Service TypeAll Terrain Vehicle
Item Weight2 Kilograms
3- AmazonBasics Steel Jack
  • AmazonBasics car jack stands with 1814.3 KGS capacity.
  • It has self locking tatchet and do not require any locking key.
  • the stand can be adjustable as per the height needed.
  • it has 1 years of warranty.
  • it has durable steel frame with rustproof coating.
Vehicle Service TypeCar
Minimum Height80 Millimetres
4- MERSODA® Trolley Jack
  • MERSODA floor car jack is best for all Sedan/Hatchback/Semi SUV cars.
  • It has exrta long neck and helps to lift cars quickly.
  • It can Minimum to 125 MM and Maximum 320 mm.
  • It has Cast Iron wide Base for Stability.
  • It has 2 TON capacity.
Vehicle Service TypeCar
MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH43 x 15 x 22 Centimeters
5- Janvitha DC 12V Electronic Car Jack
  • Janvitha electronic car jack has 12 months of warranty.
  • It has 12V input with 150w power.
  • It has 3 ton of weight loading.
  • its working temperature is -15 to -50 degree celcius.
Vehicle Service TypeCar
Item Weight4.25 Kilograms


How many types of Car Jacks?

There are basically two types of car jacks: • Mechanical Jack: it is used with the mechanical energy of the person. It required screw to raise the car and also known as ratcheting system. • Hydraulic Jacks: It requires Hydraulic Cylinder to lift the car horizontally or vertically.

How Much Does a New Car Jack Cost?

There are several options to buy a new car jack but every option has its pros and cons. If you want to buy the basic and normal car jack then it cost you around 1000 rupees but it will make you apply more mechanical energy. And if you want to buy the normal car jack around rupees 2000 then you will get best car jack which will give you instant car lift. But, if you don’t look to your budget and want more advanced car jack then you can get electrical car jack with the price rupees 5000 only.

Is a 2 Ton Jack enough for a car?

Average cars can be lift easily with the 2 Ton jack and if you want to lift heavy cars like SUV then it requires 3-4 Tons to lift it. Most of the cases people buy cheap car jack but they forgot that buying the right thing can save their money and they don’t have to buy it again.

Are 3 Ton Jack Stands enough for SUV?

Medium SUV or large vehicle can be lift with the use of 3 TON car hack. You can use it for big cars as well as small. 3 TON jack is enough to lift the car for repairing work and also best in the time of emergency.

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